Sea Salt Italian Ristorante

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 The Award Winning Sea Salt Italian Restaurant, with its fresh modern authentic Italian Cuisine & hand rolled pizzas. Meals are freshly prepared and cooked to order using fresh local produce and imported ingredients from Italy. Our authentic Italian cuisine is made with love & passion and served with joy.


Focaccia − hand-made focaccia topped with garlic, cheese & oregano. 10

Margherita - fior di latte, bocconcini di bufala, basil.   20

Hawaiian - fior di latte, ham, pineapple, oregano.   20

Misto Carne - fior di latte, crispy bacon, chicken, ham, chorizo, mushrooms, onions.   23

Pepperoni- fior di latte, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives.    23

Agnello-fior di latte, lamb strips, feta, roasted capsicum, onions, rocket. 23

Prosciutto -fior di latte, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, shaved parmesan.   23

BBQ Pollo- fior di latte, chicken, chorizo,  Spanish onions, BBQ sauce, parsley. 23


Rucola − rocket salad of pear, grana padano, semi-dried tomato, walnuts & white balsamic - 10


Spaghetti con Bolognaise - traditional Italian Bolognaise - 20

Spaghetti Carbonara - Pan fried lean bacon in a light cream cheese egg sauce. 20


Pollo al Funghi con Limone-hormone free lemon marinated chicken tenderloins, porcini mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, preserved lemon, fontina cheese. (GF)  20

Vegetarian-porcini mushrooms, pumpkin, semi-dried tomatoes, green peas, capsicum,baby spinach, mascarpone cheese.  20

Meal Deals

Quattro - $80

1 x Garlic Focaccia or Rucola Salad

2 x any Pizza

2 x any Pasta or Risotto

Bottle of wine* & 1.25l bottle of soft drink

Coppia - $45

1 x Garlic Focaccia or Rucola Salad

1 x any Pizza

1 x any Pasta or Risotto

2 x bottle of beer* or 1.25l bottle of soft drink

Pizza Feast - $45

1 x Garlic Focaccia

2 x any Pizza

2 x bottle of beer* or 1.25l bottle of soft drink

*selected wine or beer

Tel:Takeaway Hotline (02) 6674 3613